Maximize your mileage, minimize your cost

Digitify fleet management simplifies truck maintenance to driver performance, fuel efficiency to truck level profit and loss, thus ensuring efficiency, compliance and profitability.

Captain (Driver) performance

Improve driver performance through Digitify’s mileage and cost per km reports. Get driver involved using Capain app and bring drivers and your team to the same platform.

Automated fleet compliance

Keep all your fleet’s compliance like permits, insurance up to date using API based automated document management tools. Use automated alerts and notifications to avoid truck fines and manage renewals with ease.

Empowering fleet managers: optimizing truck utilization

Digitify empowers fleet managers and drivers with powerful tools and real-time data to optimize revenue, minimize downtime, and reduce operating costs. With Digitify, you gain accurate insights into useful vs. dry mileage and eliminate downtime through efficient load scheduling and halting management.