Transport Mangement System Apps

Purpose driven apps for everyone in your team, suppliers and customers

Digitify transport management system apps makes your team, suppliers, truck owners, customers all in one platform. Provide a simple interface to everyone which is white label and branded to your requirements.

Desk - The Ultimate Admin Portal for Seamless Logistics Management

Desk is a simple to use web portal for the management team to configure and monitor the whole transport management. All the tools from bidding to payments + reports and dashboards that you’re in one place.

Track - Wherever your team is as good as your workplace

Track is a beautifully designed web and mobile app that gives a role based access to your team. Focused on All your employees from operations, sales and accounting can collaborate using a single app.

Keep your customers informed

Digitify Book is the customer portal that gives real-time data to your customer. From intent creation to payment collection, provide a DIY portal for your customers.

Bring your suppliers / truck owners to your platform

Loads app lets you run bidding, Streamline all communication and Improve supplier satisfaction by sharing supplier relevant data in a secured way.

Automate driver management and collect POD faster

Captain app lets your drivers self-manage loads. Reduce POD turnaround time and increase driver happiness by sharing salary details with 100% accuracy.