Plug In, Power Up - Ease your life with Integrations

Focus on what really matters – growing your transportation business and serving customers. Digitify integrates all logistics applications to work together seamlessly, automating tedious tasks and saving time and resources.

E-Way Bill Integration

Manage ‘E-way Bill with ease, Digitify lets transporters easily manage E-way bills from the comfort of mobile and web application. You can create, renew, share, update part-b So why wait? Start using Digitify E-Way Bill integration today and take your transportation business to the next level!

Omni-Channel Integration

Digitify omni channel (WhatsApp & Telegram) integration is the key to provide a seamless and consistent customer & supplier experience across all your team members by synchronizing all to get the most up-to-date information always. Digitify helps to improve customer satisfaction, better communication, decrease truck search time by staying ahead of competition. Your team, supplier and customers will thank you for it!

Payment Gateway Integration

Process supplier and driver payments within minutes. Digitify Payment Gateway Integration automates billing process and provides a seamless payment experience reducing manual errors like wrong amount/wrong account transfers and improving cash flow.

Accounting Integration

Digitify comes with pre-built Integration with accounting softwares like ERPNext, Tally, QuickBooks. With accounting integration you improve visibility, flexibility, and control over your profit and loss. With real-time two way sync you get a simplified freight accounting to manage invoices, expenses, supplier, customer and driver payments.

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