The logistics software that let you sleep 9 pm to 6 am

Digitify provides all tools required to efficiently carry out your logistics / full truck load operations. Save time and reduce placement/ delivery/payment failures by using simple UI, best in class process, automated communication and API based payments.

Place truck in minutes not hours

Bring your suppliers, own truck, team in one platform and place own or market truck in minutes using algorithms that matches with nearest truck / top rated suppliers based on real-time and historical data.

Truck Tracking that works

Use combination of GPS, SIM tracking, Fastag based truck tracking that not only gives a unified real time view of own / market fleet, but also predict delivery delays, auto extends eway bill, automates halting time calculations.

Take the stress out of tracking your shipments​

Market hiring simplified

Onboard truck owners / brokers with confidence using API based verification. Keep full truck loads hiring rates lower by comparing supplier rates with market rates. Eliminate duplicate/wrong account payments using API based payments.