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SLB Logistics

Digitify met our business needs of enhanced workflows, better automation and improved overall communication

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Zero errors with automated payments.

30% rational time management for a team who are relieved from repetitive manual work.

Zero delays in deal negotiations.

SLB Logistics: 17 Years of Excellence

Set up as a small trucking business in 2005, SLB has shifted gears to become one of the most reliable Transportation & Logistic service providers. The founder of the company Mr. Anand Poddar started the transport company. After this, the company grew steadily to a sizable business volume by rendering its transport services to various Industries in the field mainly FMCG, Renewable Energy and Automobile industry. Headquartered in Chennai, SLB is one of the full truck load transporters who can move cargo all over India. Quality, Integrity and Social responsibility are the values that are practiced in the culture of SLB.

Need for a cloud-first TMS to meet optimize operations

Since inception, SLB was growing at a rapid pace with addition of new branches, customers, trucks, drivers. They loved the growth and challenges that came along with scaling a PAN India operations. Managing a pan India logistics business was tiring as Their employees were disconnected, 24/7 phone-calls and doing repetitive tasks. In 2020, Post pandemic era, they began to discover the power of digitization and wanted to uberize their operations. When they saw this opportunity for automation they started planning the transition to a more efficient way of transport management system. SLB wanted to drive the digital wave in the logistics business and adopt a cloud-based platform to run their business. Which meant they need a All-In-One cloud TMS solution

Enter Digitify

“Clearly, SLB needed an All-In-One TMS that would deliver on the scale, scope, and premise of SLB new age requirements,” says Anand Poddar, Director, SLB Logistics Private Limited. Once the evaluation process was initiated, Digitify quickly became one of the shortlisted products that ticked all the boxes. A quick implementation period helped SLB to go live and ramp up their team to use the solution. As their hands-on experience with the product grew, here is a look at their initial reactions to Digitify:

  • Mobility – SLB’s operations teams are spread across India. They adopted digitify quickly, thanks to mobile apps and cloud based solutions, resulting in higher adoption and better data quality.
  • Improved communication – Communication to customers, suppliers, drivers and internal team became automated using Digitify’s integrated omni channel communication platform which includes SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Push Notifications. Digitify allows SLB to create multiple chat groups which have inbuilt Chat-bots that send alerts and notifications in real-time. Another addition that helped was the easy role based on context based logins and messages, reducing clutter and staying focused.
  • Better automation – With automated telegram & whatsapp messages, the information transfers seamlessly with no element of human error. With Digitify, SLB started maintaining the integrity of information by centralizing the data so that it’s easy for employees to look up for information anytime. With better automation, now SLB shares secure links to their customer and consignees to track trucks, POD status & pending payment status resulting in improved customer experience, happier employees. Automation helped SLB to focus on growth, maintain regulatory compliance, cost savings with clear workflows.
Product strengths that drive SLB digitification today
  • Bidding: Bidding boosts capacity and adds strategic value between SLB & supplier relationship. It involves reentering negotiations and working with more suppliers which helped SLB to realize the benefits of a more extensive supplier network. With Digitify’s Bidding feature, SLB looked out for new suppliers to onboard and got best pricing for spot loads. A transparency created between suppliers and SLB which resulted in increased supply of trucks and reduced cost of procurement.
  • Reports -A single source of truth: one integrated database for all business processes (customers, suppliers, trucks, drivers, compliance, etc.) with real time information which SLB used for analysis and business growth resulting in better customer service, improved margins and boosted cash flow.
  • Workflows- Digitify is meant to lessen mundane steps in the transportation operations, unlocking time for SLB employees to focus on growth. With Digitify workflow SLB’s reduce complex components into easy to understand pieces. Digitify helped SLB employees to do their job in an easy, seamless and efficient way resulting in reducing employee frustration and improving job satisfaction.

the result speak for themselves

Digitify met our business needs of enhanced workflows, better automation and improved overall communication with drivers, suppliers, teams and customers. We are fully satisfied with the solution and the assistance of Digitify’s team. In a nutshell, Digitify became integral to our organization, rather than a supporting force.

anand Poddar,

Director, SLB Logistics Private Limited